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Musician James Taylor and Wife Give $1 Million to Fight Pandemic (Gifts Roundup) – The money will pay for 50,000 laptops to ensure that all students who attend the 220 public schools in the district have the.

A restaurant owner wonders how she can stay in business if she can’t sell food and drink. A hair salon operator shuts down to.

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Here are some community-sponsored trips – March 28 – NYC Broadway Show – Company starring Patti LuPone. The quintessential musical comedy about the search for love.

Tickets for the Tina Turner Musical are $220 for mid mezzanine. Cost.

Bowling Stones, March 9: Sherry Wall — 545, Marlene Smith — 221-509, Patti Honig — 495.

Bev Williams — 224-609, Melissa.